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Unlike the case associated with the traditional cradles of Bosnian Sufism making use of aged dervish lodges into the american elements of key Bosnia

Unlike the case associated with the traditional cradles of Bosnian Sufism making use of aged dervish lodges into the american elements of key Bosnia


KariA‡i mosque through the key Bosnian highlands, where in actuality the yearly three-day pilgrimage commemorating Hajdar-dedo KariA‡a€”an early on messenger of Islam in Bosnia, a dervish sheikh, and a friend of goodness (evlija)a€”takes put. Photograph by David Henig, 2009.

Even though the Yugoslav communist regimen oppressed and exercised common control of a variety of spiritual symptoms and parties, they didn’t prohibit the KariA‡i pilgrimage, and that’s perhaps exceptional since pilgrimage possess typically already been well-attended ( MulahaliloviA‡ 1989 :192a€“196). In 1993, throughout Bosnian war (1992a€“95) a Yugoslav domestic military tank forced by the classic solid wood mosque. The landscape was at the time period barely accessible, as there are lots of landmines spread in the earth round the pilgrimage webpages, extremely nearby Muslims momentarily structured the annual acquiring in a nearby provincial location mosque. Following battle, the landscaping had been slowly and gradually de-mined. The solid wood mosque got remodeled in 2002 together with the pilgrimage entirely revived.

Although their recovery was initiated fabswingers app by a team of regional involved Muslims, the mosque along with terrain it rests on are actually legally possessed and the means to access these people was controlled by the state-approved Islamic group (Islamska Zajednica). The Islamic society is responsible for coordinating the yearly KariA‡i pilgrimage. The pilgrimage comes about to the end of July. The go steady try mentioned as reported by the aged Julian diary like the 11th Tuesday after Jurjevdan (in other words., St. George’s Day, might 6). The pilgrimage begins by Friday’s noon prayer and persists until the Sunday midday prayer. Best male Muslims are permitted to go to at KariA‡i.

The pilgrimage event generally consists of reciting from the entire Qua€™ran (hatma pigeon), vocal singing records revering Allah (ilahija), along with other shows for example recital of mevlud passages both in Turkish and Bosnian, tevhid for footstool and in addition Bosnian martyrs (A?ehide), and cumulative devotional and cheerful prayer, kijam zikr (Arabic, qiyam dhikr). 2 The kijam zikr is performed by dervishes and directed by a dervish sheikh. Various other pilgrims typically note not be a part of this kind of prayer, as dervishes have got usually started developed of ambiguously and comprise thought to be the Islamic a€?other withina€? through the original Yugoslavia ( Bringa 1995 :221; Duijzings 2000 :107). But the devotional prayer through the pilgrimage was also conducted during socialist occasions. This is certainly arguably significant, just as, within the 1950s, the Islamic society, utilizing the Yugoslav say’s support, forbidden all dervish requirements in Bosnia-Herzegovina for being a€?devoid of cultural valuea€? ( Algar 1971 :196). 3

Unlike the scenario with the typical cradles of Bosnian Sufism making use of their old dervish lodges into the american elements of key Bosnia (cf. Algar 1971 ; A?ehajiA‡ 1986 ; MiA?ijeviA‡ 1997 ), the continuity of dervish instructions am cut in the northern areas. Hence, KariA‡i has become publicly delivered and realized for years only as an area of Muslim yearly pilgrimage. But within the later part of the 1980s, a dervish gang of the Rifaa€™i arrange, that we also have examined, ended up being developed in the region. 4 within its search for credibility as well as the repair of Sufi coaching (tesavuf) in the area, the group entwined their recognition with the historical body of Hajdar-dedo KariA‡. The dervish team today traces their personality through the sheikh’s a€?spiritual lineagea€?(silsila) to Kosovo, the dervishes see KariA‡i their own spiritual cradle, and additionally they get pregnant of Hajdar-dedo KariA‡ like the messenger of Sufism in your community in addition to their religious forefather.


The Ajvatovica pilgrimage work a large character through the tactics village Muslims from the key Bosnian highlands think on the shift of hallowed surroundings a€?after socialism.a€? In narratives and casual talks, your village relatives commonly juxtaposed KariA‡i as well as the Ajvatovica pilgrimages. But almost all of them have not pilgrimed to Ajvatovica.

The Ajvatovica pilgrimage, close community of Prusac, boasts figures much like the ones from the KariA‡i website, as far back as the 17th century and involving another well-known messenger of Islam, effendi (and perhaps dervish sheikh) Ajvaz-dedo. The stories say that Ajvaz-dedo is a friend of Lord (evlija). When he came to Prusac, there clearly was no appropriate water-supply for the community. There had been simply a spring near the village, but it would be plugged by a rock. Ajvaz-dedo spent 40 days wishing to Allah, in addition, on the 40th week he or she wished for two light rams colliding. As he woke all the way up, the stone experienced separated in two. Nearby villagers noticed this as magic (keramet) and blessing (bereket), and, ever since, get pilgrimed towards put the spot where the stone split.

Unlike the KariA‡i pilgrimage, the Ajvatovica was actually officially prohibited throughout socialist stage, in 1947 (cf. MulahaliloviA‡ 1989 :192a€“196), and is renewed only in 1990, commonly through engagement of this Islamic Community; various media, for instance the Islamic weekly publication Preporod; and also the Stranka Demokratske Akcije (SDA; Party of Democratic Action), led at the same time by Alija IzetbegoviA‡. Areas where in fact the Ajvatovica pilgrimage webpages is situated was manageable and defended throughout the conflict by Bosnian army, and, thus, through public rhetoric, obtained the type of a holy land, conveying the continuity of a threatened Muslim society and its own social tradition (cf. Rujanac in newspapers ).

It quickly got evident in my experience that the method the Ajvatovica pilgrimage is definitely orchestrated nowadays takes on a significant part in Bosnian Muslim nationwide public politics, as controlled by Islamic society, plus calculating plainly in local interactions. Ajvatovica happens to be provided because of the Islamic group because the greatest yearly Muslim gathering in European countries, one with longer continuity, regardless of the executive bar required in 1947. As well as orchestrated and choreographed, a€?The times of Ajvatovicaa€? (Dani Ajvatovice) uncover as an assemblage of spiritual pilgrimage, constitutional get together, and public display made up of different competition, gigs, and classes which are generally presented and promoted because Islamic Community through a lot of billboards. The Ajvatovica pilgrimage is definitely displayed, to paraphrase various nearby places, as a a€?manifestation of custom and long-lasting continuity of Bosniak [Muslim] identification and culturea€? and since the a€?largest Muslim gathering in Europea€? (e.g., determine 2010 ). Also, within my fieldwork, I found myself continuously taught that Ajvatovica were in the past an all-male party, although after 1990 it has been widely offered within the nationalized rhetoric as a gathering for everybody Muslims. This basically means, the Ajvatovica pilgrimage ended up being reorchestrated and instrumentalized in Bosniak constitutional discussion as a fertile signal in post-Yugoslav public arguments on combined Bosnian Muslim personality and Bosniaksa€™ seek out genuineness as an unbiased post-Yugoslav region (nacija).

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